Bratislava – a great city for a short trip

Are you planning a short vacation?
Then Bratislava might be just the right city for you.

Bratislava is situated in the south-western of Slovakia with the river Danube nearby. You can reach the

city easily by ship or plane depending on were you come from. If you are staying in Vienna you can get a ticket for the Twyn City Liner at Schwedenplatz for a spontaneous day trip.

If you arrived by ship like i did then you can reach the Old Town

by foot.

There you will find lots of restaurants and small breweries if you are in for a short break after arriving. Also there will be a few little shops with souvenirs which are pretty affordable.


Since Bratislava is a small city you can reach everything by foot in a day or two.

I would recommend you to get a small guidebook for the trip with a recommeded route if you want to go sightseeing. That way you won’t miss any sights. There is also a tour bus which will take you to all the sights within a day and you can just hop on and off at the busstops if you have a ticket.


Bratislava is a very historic city. On your way through the city center you will come across lots of statues of known people as well as lots of fountains.




Here is a list of sights I would recommend you to look at:


  • Bratislava Castle:  the castle is a great place to get a panoramic view of the city. There are a few restaurants at the castle too which serve great food.


  • Slavin: a war memorial for the fallen Soviet Army


  • Palais Grassalkovich: residence of the Slowakian president. behind the palace is a beautiful garden where you can sit and relax


  • Most SNP and the UFO Bridge: you get the best view from the Braislava Castle


  • Roland fountain: unfortuntely it was under construction at the time of my visit but it should be very beautiful during summer time.


  • Schokocafe Maximilian: don’t forget make a stop at the chocolate cafe for great chocolate fondue. It is right in the city center of the Old Town




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