How to find your Yoga Style

The key to successfully connect your mind, spirit and body through yoga is to find a way to practice yoga that best fits your personality. There are many different yoga styles – from rigorous styles, to alignment and joint based, to heart pumping and the gentle soul awaking style. Each of these has its effect on your body and mind, so knowing the right style for you gives you a way to connect with the yoga wisdom.

To know your yoga style, you will have to take yourself through a short quiz.

Firstly, you must evaluate the level of your experience before personalizing any yoga style. Some yoga styles are highly demanding and can only be successfully accomplished by professionals with enough experience in such style.

Another things to consider in choosing your yoga style is your level of fitness. There are a number of yoga styles that will only work for people who have low body weight and some other recommended styles for people who are not that in shape or have high body weight.

Knowing your favorite yoga pose can go a long way in easing the determination of your yoga style. Choosing a yoga style that has poses you like practicing, will make the practice more enjoyable and mind relaxing.

Lastly, some yoga styles are incorporated into your lifestyle so if you don’t want it to be part of your daily routine, don’t go for them.

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