Effects of Long-Term Yoga Practice And a Healthy Diet

Consistent practice of yoga goes hand in hand with a healthy diet. When you do a balanced mixture between these two components, all you will get is a fascinating result in terms of your health and wellness.

One of the most evident long-term effects of yoga is increased flexibility. A recent study showed that weekly Bikram yoga will help you in improve your flexibility within an eight-week period. A good diet in this case helps build up your body and provide adequate energy needed for the yoga practices.

Another long-term benefit of yoga is its effect on depression and anxiety. Once yoga has been practiced for a long time, depression is shown to be drastically reduced!

A stronger immune is often associated with yoga just as well as it is associated with a healthy diet. When you have a strong immune system, your body will be able to readily fight invading organisms and this will help in keeping a healthy body which will be difficult to be diseased. In the same vein, yoga and healthy diet helps build a stronger and more resilient bone.

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