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How to do the Splits Fast

The ability to do the splits fast is surely a measure of your flexibility.  This blog post will help you get the splits in  just a few short time. All you need to do is to follow the steps below.

  1. Prepare for the splits.

The only way to get quick and nice splits is to prepare properly for it. This can be done by performing warm ups which will help you avoid injuries and give you the ability to stretch deeper. You can warm up by doing pushups, jogging or pretty much anything that gets your body moving.

  1. Set aside 15 munities of your day

It will be impossible for you to accomplish the splits if you only stretch for few minutes at a time and not be consistent with it. For better and fast splits, you need a routine that enables you stretch for about 35 munities every day.

  1. Do a v-stretch

While sitting on the floor, spread your legs out in a v-shape and if it’s convenient for you, you can place your feet against a wall to get a better stretch. After that, you should lean and grab your right foot and hold in that position for about 60 seconds. Do the same for the left foot.

  1. Touch your toes

This is better performed while sitting down. You should stretch to reach your toes and if you can’t reach them, then try grabbing your ankles instead. Do this for about 60 seconds too while keeping your back straight.

  1. Touch your toe while standing

You can also increase your flexibility in getting ready for the splits by touching your toes while sitting. Remember not to bend your knees and also to keep your back straight while performing this.

  1. Do the kneeling stretches

Kneel down and extend one leg out in front of you remembering to keep it straight. Place your hand on the side of the leg which you extended and kneel into the stretch while holding for 30-60 seconds.


Do those 6 simple steps everyday and you will be able to do your splits fast.


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