The Costs of Owning and Caring for a Dog

So you are thinking about getting a dog. Dogs are the most popular choice among pet lovers. But you should know that owning and caring for a dog can be an expensive proposition. There is a seemingly endless list of possible expenses. The cost of purchasing a dog is only the beginning.

If you decide to get a pure-bred, the cost will vary depending on the breed. Some breeds cost more than others. Pure-bred dogs that come with “papers” will of course cost more than those without papers. If you plan on entering your dog in high profile shows, you need registration papers.

Even a mixed breed dog may have some cost attached, depending on what mix he is and where you get him. Certainly, pet store puppies and dogs purchased from a breeder will cost more than a dog you adopt.

Aside from the initial purchase cost, you will find that there are a few other one-time expenses that may occur at certain points in your pet’s life. Some of these expenses can’t be avoided. Others are really your choice. Just keep in mind that some of these optional expenses may make life with a pet more enjoyable and lower your stress level.

Soon after you bring your new pet home, it’s a good idea to pay a visit to your vet so he can give him a thorough exam. As you probably know, a puppy needs a series of vaccinations. Certain breeds require that they have their ears cropped or their tails docked. Neutering or spaying might be something you want taken care of later on.

Some owners opt to having their pet tattooed for identification. There is even pet insurance available to help cover expenses incurred through injury or illness.

Additionally, you may wish to purchase a crate or gate for your doorway to restrict your new dog’s run of the house. Although some dog owners shudder when thinking about putting their puppy in a crate, there are benefits. Crates provide a feeling of security for puppies and they are useful in house training.

It’s probably a good idea to purchase a comfortable dog bed right away. As soon as you bring your new pet home, you will want to establish some routines with him. And if you want to keep him off your furniture and bed, then you will need to provide him with his own bed.

Unless you know a lot about how to properly train a dog, you might want to enroll him in a training program or invest in a training guide and take on the training yourself. All things being equal, a well trained dog is a lot easier to have around than one who isn’t.

There are a few other expenses that you may incur. At times, depending on what kind of dog you have, you may need the services of a professional to groom and clip your dog or to kennel him temporarily.

For dogs that spend time outdoors, a good sized dog run or better yet a fenced yard are important. Keeping a dog chained up when he’s outside for extended periods of time will only lead to problems.

Lastly, there are going to be lots of expenses that will be ongoing in owning and caring for a dog. These may include food, treats, toys, license, collars and leashes, visits to the vet and vaccinations, flea and tick control, heart worm tests and meds, dog bed, grooming supplies and more.

The list goes on and on.

You may or may not incur these expenses depending on lots of factors and circumstances. Realistically, it’s safe to say that owning and caring for a dog is expensive. It’s better to be prepared before you go out looking for a dog. Because once you spot that special puppy, it will be hard to resist him.


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