5 Activities You Should Avoid Doing While Pregnant

You might love doing this and that because it makes you happy but everything changes when you’re pregnant – you will do what’s best for you and your baby and stop anything which is not. I will take you through 5 activities you should avoid while pregnant.

  1. Contact Sport

Pregnant women should avoid contact sports such as football and basketball. The risk of getting hit in the abdomen is very high when engaged in these kind of sports. This can lead to still-birth or a miscarriage.

  1. Hot Tubs or Sun Tanning

As much as you love these activities, it is highly unhealthy for your unborn baby, as overheating can lead to damage to the baby’s neural tube. Such damage will cause neurological defects in the baby.

  1. Exercise at High Altitude

High altitudes have lower oxygen level than the ground level (sea level). Exercising in these places will drastically decrease the oxygen content of the blood and this can be dangerous to the developing fetus.

  1. Dieting for Weight Loss

There is a difference between trying to keep your weight and trying to lose weight. Although it is good to keep your weight constant during pregnancy to prevent pains, under no circumstances should you intentionally go on diet just to lose weight. This can cause severe malnourishment of the baby and lead to a miscarriage or premature birth.

  1. Massage at Home

It is better to go to a professional therapist if you need a massage. Getting your massage from an untrained person at home when pregnant can lead to stimulation of certain parts of the uterus which will initiate contraction. This could ultimately lead to preterm labor contractions.

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