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Understanding the Importance of Stretching

Stretching is an important component of physical activity and health which is usually performed as part of warm up procedures in order to achieve neuromuscular preparation. Stretching should be done regularly.


Performance optimization

Stretching helps activating muscular enzymes which are responsible for chemical reactions that take place during physical exercise. The body’s energy system depends on those enzymes and the energy system will not function properly, until they’re released.


Stretching helps the body to deliver more oxygen to muscles

By increasing blood flow to working muscles, stretching helps the body to deliver more oxygen to the muscles. Hemoglobin in the blood specifically transports oxygen to the working muscles, and is able play its role more effectively when the muscle fibers are warmed up, allowing more oxygen to go where it’s needed and thereby enhancing the entire cardiovascular system.


Benefits for the nervous system

Research has shown that the elevated body temperature obtainable during stretching improves the body’s ability to receive and read nerve impulses. This is of particular importance to athletes who perform high-skill exercises such as lifting and other dynamic exercises.


Significantly reduced risk of injuries

Stretching and warm-up should be an important part of every athlete’s pre-workout regimen because it often mimics the activities and ranges of joint motion required for the particular physical activity that an athlete is preparing for.



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